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GMS-2200 Goniophotometer with Pursuit Mirror

Functions:In GMS-2200 Goniophotometer, the tested luminaire rotates only around the fixed vertical axis in the prescribed burning position and a reflecting mirror rotates around the horizontal axis, meanwhile, the mirror on rotating table in the opposite side rotates around the horizontal axis synchronously to pursuit the measuring beam reflected by the first mirror, and then reflect the measured beam perpendicularly towards to a fixed detector at the horizontal rotation axis. The combined motion of the luminaire and mirror permit the measurement of luminous intensity at the direction of any horizontal or vertical angle without tilting the luminaire.
>>   Thermostatic  Photodetector,
        V()accuracy: CIE-f1'less than 0.015
        Photometric resolution: 0.00001lx, 0.0001lx, 0.001lx (Optional)
        Thermostatic Temperature: 35˚C
>>    Angle Accuracy:  0.1 degree
>>    Driving Angle Resolution:  Y angle is 0.0016 degree    C angle is 0.03 degree
>>    Mirror Dimension: Ellipse 1.52mx2.2m(Customized)
>>    Dimension of Pursuit Mirror: dimension 0.75m
>>    Capacity for tested luminaries
         Power: AC/DC 600V/10Ax6 lines
         Weight: 50kg
         Dimension: 1.6m
>>    Optional types for dimensions of tested luminaires:
        L(2.0m), M(1.6m), S(1.2m)(Customized)
>> Tested luminaires are fixde in stable burning situation
>> Measuring light incidence perpendicularly to the fixed photodetector
>> Excellent low stray light by installation of multi-baffles between tested luminaire and the photodector
>> Light-trap plate moving synchronously with the mirror to eliminate the stray light of background reflection
>> Equipped with photodetector and color detector,which meet the requirements of spatial non-uniformityof chromaticity in IES LM79-08.


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